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Midea Desk Lamp, LED Eye-Caring Dimmable Table Lamps with Cell Phone Wireless Charger MTD16-M/K-01

by Midea
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Original price $89.00
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The lamp emits rays in a centralized manner to provide local illumination in working areas, such as the study room.


Professional optical design, without causing dazzle or glare;

Power-driven by constant current, uniform lighting, safe, and insulated;

Light adjustment by touching, simple and elegant, addressing the needs for different brightness;

Providing wireless charging function


  • Power: 16W(Charging Power:10W)
  • Power cable length: 120cm
  • C.C.T :3000K
  • Function: Night Light, Wireless Charging Phone Function, Aromatherapy
  • Control Method:3-Steps Dimming By Touch
  • Material: ABS
  • Technology: Injection Molding
  • Color: White
  • Size:213 X 155 X 199mm

Operating Instruction of wireless charger:

After you connect the wireless charger to the power, the red indicator and blue indicator are on for 5 seconds alternately, and then off. It indicates that the wireless charger is in a standby state.
After you connect a product to be charged to the wireless charger, the wireless charger enters a charging state, and the LED indicator emits blue light (Ten seconds later, the light will become dim).

Move away from the product, the indicator is off and the wireless charger is restored to the standby state.

If an exception occurs, the indicator will flash or the product is automatically powered off.

Note: The wireless charger supports 5W/7.5W/10W charging modes. To provide 7.5W/10W quick charging, it must be used together with the QC3.0 charger.

Precaution on Wireless Charger:

Make sure that the wireless product is located in the center of the wireless charging area. Otherwise, charging may stop.

Do not put metal articles(keys and coins) on the wireless charging area.

A metal body phone or phone with metal sheets on the rear side may cause charging to fail.

The charging module of this product is compatible with the QI standard. The charging module can only supply power to the digital device that complies with QI standard and support wireless charging function.

This product must be used together with the accompanied USB cable. If you use another USB cable, charging may fail.

Warranty: 1 year