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Joyoung High-Speed Soymilk DJ13S-P90

by Joyoung
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The Joyoung soy milk maker is the ideal addition to your kitchen.

It allows you to make a range of drinks and even food, including milk from dry or soaked beans, classic soy, grains, rice paste, and nuts, as well as porridge, corn juice, date soy, goji soy, and rose soy drinks . The time and temperature preset functions enable you to make drinks whenever you want, while the three-blade cutter and high-speed motor of 20000r/min allow for a fast filtration system. It also has a 700 to 1300ml large capacity and 220- 240v voltage, making it suitable for two to four people.

It also features an English and Chinese control panel with a touch screen, as well as an English and Chinese instruction manual. Ultrafine grinding with quiet technology, a 60 seconds power-off memory function, and dual-layer design with 304 stainless steel inner layer offer convenience, as does the ability to add ingredients during the cooking process. The set includes one main machine, one small plastic bean measurement cup, a cleaning brush, one big plastic soy milk container, and an Australian power cord.

High-speed motor, fully automatic, baby food supplement, juice, grains, rice paste function, intelligent reservation, R-type high-torque motor, 20,000 rpm, 20-hole magic cube cutter head, 5-edged, 3-edged wavy knife, 5 steps Stove fire cooking, side touch screen, 304 stainless steel inner tank, dolphin mouth machine mouth.