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Joyoung Cast Iron Induction Low-carb Rice Cooker 40T88Plus

by Joyoung
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40T88 Got an upgrade! 40T88 Plus now comes with low carb rice function
The Iron Kettle Rice Cooker has been upgraded to 40T88 Plus, adding a low-sugar rice function

Bringing old-school cooking back

This 1200w 4.0L big capacity rice cooker cooks 8 cups, is suitable for 3 to 6 people.

It has 9 cooking functions, including “enamel stew” mode, crystal rice, porridge, soup, stew, cake, one-touch operation with induction heating.

The inner pot is 3mm thick with a natural cast iron liner that allows 93 °C of constant temperature with an aroma patent, it releases rice sweetness up to 3 times more than ordinary rice.

IH heating method is efficient and uniform, pneumatic turbine, 10 major functions, high-fire boiling technology, 3.1 catties earthen stove iron kettle liner, all-metal brushed body, tempered glass panel smart reservation.