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Hoper Layer Foot bath massager QN-01

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– 220V-240V, 50-60Hz 500W
– 6 sets of massage plates 24 massage beads
– 3D massage + air bag

Product Features


“Foot bath K2 (QN-01)

220-240V, 50-60Hz, 500W

Water temperature: 35-48 degrees Two sets of electric swing arms, roller massage, and foot dorsum airbag

  1. Large-screen tempered glass panel, smooth and bright
  2. Constant temperature foot bath, comfortable and reassuring
  3. Dry and wet dual-use, according to personal preference
  4. Triple protection, separation of water and electricity, over-temperature protection, high temperature power off
  5. 6-level airbag squeezing, full foot massage
  6. Stretchable strap + movable roller, more convenient to move
  7. Hidden storage line, completely perfect and tidy
  8. The barrel body comes with a hanger for organizing and storage
  9. Independent medicine box for comfortable medicated bath
  10. Mobile handle, easier to move over steps
  11. Removable and cleanable waterway, clean and no dead corners
  12. Low-level hidden drain, thorough drainage
  13. Four modes, available on demand”

function: Soak feet, sterilization (ozone)

Carton size: 390*340*356mm